My wife three kids and I try to live by our simple motto; “work hard, play often and care more”.

Work Hard

IMG_9818Nothing good happens without an insane amount of hustle! I believe you have to work both hard and smart at the same time. Turn off your TV or whatever else is eating up too much of your time and get out there!

Play Hard

IMG_5139Find ways to incorporate play into your work day, whether its conducting a meeting over a bucket of balls at the driving range or throwing a football in the back parking lot while you discuss your weekly strategy. It sure beats sitting in your truck, office or board room day after day.

Care More

In the midst of all our work and play we transcend ourselves by showing genuine care for others, like customers, colleagues and our communities. IMG_0263In so doing we reap the rewards of happiness, fulfillment and significance.

Work hard, play often and care more.

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