Life is an Adventure!

Life is an adventure! As you may know I have been taking some much needed time off to spend with my children, touring around the United States and Canada in our RV. A few days ago our journey took an unexpected turn and our life adventure turned up a notch. 

As we were hiking through the beautiful cliffs and waterfalls of Yosemite National Park our son Pete, a very athletic and energetic hiker, began to feel extremely tired and drained of energy. This was very abnormal for him but we weren’t too alarmed. After all he is a rapidly growing 14-year-old. He was also loosing some weight but we assumed that was due to his growth spurt. He was drinking copious amounts of water which we thought was great, but we began to notice that it never seemed to quench his thirst. When things did not improve we packed up our gear and left the park to look for a nearby Doctor’s office so we could get some advice on what might be causing this. 
There was a walk-in clinic just outside of the South gate of the park which we visited. When the doctor ran a few tests she immediately suggested we go to the Children’s Hospital which happened to be only 30 miles up the road near Fresno California. Pete’s health began deteriorating rapidly and when we checked into the emergency ward they took him in immediately, began an IV drip and ran a series of blood tests.
A few minutes later a Doctor came in to inform us that Pete’s pancreas had stopped producing insulin and all indications were that he had new onset Type 1 diabetes. Once Peter’s condition was stabilized in the emergency dept, we were checked into the hospital where the incredible nursing staff helped get Petey’s health back to normal over the next few days. The Valley children’s hospital has a area for RV parking and we were able to stay there while Peter was recovering. The hospital also has incredible expert diabetes training staff and they spent several days training all of us how to manage insulin and blood glucose levels. Peter is is learning how to adapt to this new way of life and is beginning to recover and regain his strength and energy. He is in good spirits and very positive about his future. 

We have now been on our own in the RV for a full day and continue to learn so much. 
Type one and type two are completely different from each other, and yet they are often confused. There was nothing Peter could’ve done to prevent this, and there was nothing he did to cause this. It is an auto immune disease where the immune system mistakes the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin as foreign cells and begins to attack them. We are extremely thankful for all the research that is been done over the years and all of the progress that has been made in terms of the treatment of type one diabetes and we will continue to support those research efforts.
Please feel free to say hi to Pete here and share your encouragement with this incredible brave and courageous young man. Although it’s not easy to receive news like he has received, he trust that God has a very special purpose for his life and he looks forward to fulfilling that plan. We are flying back to Toronto so Pete can check in with his doctor and a Paediatric Endocrinologist for the next month or so. Once we get clearance from his physicians we plan on continuing our journey around North America. We are so thankful for the incredible nurses and doctors who treated Peter at Valley Children’s Hospital. We are so thankful to God for watching over us during this time. We are thankful that the Valley Children’s Hospital just happened to be right on the road we were traveling, and we thank you for your prayers and support. We look forward to the next leg of our journey.

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Life is an Adventure!

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