Tiny archery shop hits customer service bullseye

The boys wanted to purchase some archery equipment, so they began
researching online and visiting a few big box outdoor stores. A friend
recommended that we try a small boutique archery shop, way out in the
country on a quiet backroad called Wolf’s Den archery.
We arrived to a warm welcome and a selection of bows that easily
rivalled a Cabella’s or a Bass Pro.

IMG_1945As the owner Gary Banting showed us around his little shop we could tell that he loved what he did for a living. This guy was passionate about archery.

I asked him how he was able to compete against the big box outdoor stores and he shrugged and said, “I don’t know, people just like shopping here I guess” He went on to explain that his little shop sells as many bows as his two local national chain big box competitors combined and as such he is able to match their prices. So with the prices all the same, why would someone drive way out here to buy the same bow at the same price? By the time we left we knew exactly why. The experience.
The owners passion for archery and love for his customers was so evident that we fed off of his energy. He gave us his full attention and answered all of our questions. He showed us tons of options and gave expert advice. He took the boys out to the shooting range and let them try several bows while providing a free target shooting lesson for all of us. It was such a remarkable experience that he turned us into customers. With the care he showed us during the sales process we have no doubt that he will take good care of us if we need any service and support too. Providing a great product at a competitive price gets people in the door. Creating a remarkable experience turns them into customers.

How do you compete in a hyper-competitive market? You create a remarkable experience for customers and they will keep coming back and maybe bring their friends and family too.


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Tiny archery shop hits customer service bullseye

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