Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

536At least once a year we conduct a review of our systems. This is a one hour long meeting where we draw out a process map on our white board detailing every step in a given system and then analyze it for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Everything you do in a company could be and should be a system. The problem is that many small business owners are busy running around putting out fires. They are caught in what I call the “I have NO Time” vicious cycle. This makes their work day chaotic and reactionary without any sense of routine or order.

There is a better way!

No matter what business you are in, there are certain predictable tasks or jobs that need to occur either daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Choose one task and follow this procedure:

  1. Assemble your team (input from the team is critical)
  2. Review all of the steps taken to complete the task.
  3. Write each step out in order on a white board or piece of paper. (Go big – it helps you visualize the process better)
  4. Look for waste, like duplicate effort or excess waiting.
  5. Rework the process as a team and clearly document it.
  6. Train everyone on the new system.
  7. If there are no inefficiencies to be found, choose another task and carry on.

Yes, this takes time. Yes, it may cost you an hour of wages. Yes, you have a lot of other “urgent” things to get done. But you have to make the choice to either invest in systematization or just keep spinning your wheels in the “I have NO Time” vicious cycle.

Have fun!




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Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

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