Get your business in shape

5 business tips I’ve learned while cycling to work

I have been riding my bike to work this summer. Here are 5 things I’ve learned from this experience that I think also can be applied to your business.

1. Set SMART Goals  (Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)

Climbing the Hill out of Hockley Valley used to be a daunting task for me, in fact I used to dread it. There is a 60k sign about halfway up the hill, (pictured to the left) and a 70k sign near the top. I found that when I focused my energy on getting to the 60k sign rather than the very top of the hill, I felt a sense of accomplishment; I would then focus on reaching the 70k sign. I knew that when I got there, I had accomplished my ultimate goal of making it to the top.

The view half way up the hill

Tip: Don’t get overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. Break it up into manageable smaller goals, and you will eventually reach your ultimate goal.

2. Share your goals with someone.

When I started riding to work this spring, I had a specific goal in mind. I wanted to be able to ride to work in less than 30 minutes. It was taking me 45 minutes at the time. I shared my goal with my wife, and she though it was a great idea. Over the past few months there have been mornings when I woke up tired and sore, and didn’t feel like riding in. On those mornings while having a coffee, my wife would re-connect me with my goals and offer encouragement and inspiration in a way that made me want to keep going. Had I not shared my goal with her, I probably wouldn’t have pushed through and reached my goal.

Tip: Talk to your coach, your team, your spouse. Share your goals with them. It is amazing how much help you get from others when Imageyou communicate your goals with excitement and enthusiasm. They will help you, inspire you and hold you accountable. Start today.

3. Get into a Routine

After a few weeks of doing the same routine every morning, the struggle of “should I ride in today or not” completely went away. I got in the habit of dressing in my riding gear immediately in the morning, and packing my knapsack the night before. Now I don’t even think about it. The habit has helped me stay consistent.

Tip: Systems make your business more efficient and profitable. Force yourself, and your team to do them everyday consistently. Before long they will become routines and habits. There will be no more need to force these systems, they will just happen. The results will be evident!

Half way up, looking back

4. It gets easier.

Now here is the best part. Now that riding to work is a part of my daily routine, it has become a lot easier, in fact I could ride twice as far if I wanted too.

TIP: Keep your eye on the goal, and realize that what seems difficult now will become easily attainable if you stick with it!

5. Use the level ground to get ahead.

At the crest of every hill is a level area. At first I used these areas to catch my breath, now, I use them to gain momentum and speed. That’s how I cut 15 minutes off of my travel time.

Tip: In our industry we have seasonal hard times and slow times. When your business is lean and systematized, you will be able to use the slow times to advance your business, rather than just catching your breath and recovering.

Have fun and enjoy the ride.




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Get your business in shape

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