Random Act of C.A.R.E

Here is another random act of CARE, this time by a couple of The Grounds Guys in Grant’s Pass, Oregon.


Hello. I want to write you a quick note to commend and thank two of your employees for an amazing gesture of kindness and good will. I’m a deputy sheriff at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office in Grants Pass, Oregon.

On Friday, July 19, I was dispatched to Upper River Road, a busy rural roadway, for a report of a traffic hazard. A box apparently fell out or off of an automobile which contained a lot of glass and other items. One entire lane was covered with broken pieces of glass of various sizes. My responsibility was to slow and redirect traffic until a public works crew could arrive with a broom to sweep the debris out of the road and prevent flat tires or traffic crashes.

As I waited, I was kicking large pieces of glass out of the roadway as numerous cars passed by, some at a high rate of speed. One of your trucks with two men in it passed by me only to return a few minutes later. These two employees of yours stopped and retrieved a flat shovel, broom and wheel barrel from the truck and proceeded to sweep the debris out of the roadway. In a time where most people are selfishly in a hurry everywhere they go it was an awesome gesture of kindness for these two men to stop and help me render the roadway safe. I want you to know that I will recommend your company to anyone who asks about landscape services because these men proved to me that they really do care.

I’m having a hard time expressing my gratitude for these two awesome guys but please know that these two men are doing a great job of representing your company in a positive, friendly and caring way. Please let these gentlemen know that their act of kindness did not go unnoticed and I’m extremely appreciative.

Best regards,
Deputy T. Snyder
Josephine County Sheriff’s Office

Random Act of C.A.R.E

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