Random Act of C.A.R.E.

I love receiving emails like this. Thanks for caring Bill W.!


Dear Sir/Madam:

Too Tall TimOver a week ago, on a late Friday afternoon, my vehicle died on a busy street near an intersection in Barrie. People were in a hurry to start their weekend and gave dirty looks and/or shouted at me as I stood there in the scorching heat with the hood up. CAA had promised to show up in one hour and 15 minutes and 2 hours went by with no help in sight. It was just after the Police Officer told me I had to call a tow-truck that a man in a truck that was marked The Grounds Guys stopped and asked if I was OK and if I needed help!

Your employee, Bill W went on to analyze my situation, gave me a boost
and made sure that I made it safe and sound by driving behind me to my home.

It is through meeting people like Bill that your belief in humanity gets renewed! Not only was Bill polite and sensitive to my predicament, but he also spoke with great pride about the company he works for and their motto of caring for people. This is why I call Bill W your best ambassador ever, as you could not buy the type of advertising his good deed resulted in.

Thank you Bill and thank you The Grounds Guys!

G. Girgis

Random Act of C.A.R.E.

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