Let your Speech be Admirable

We use the acronym “SPEAK” to describe what it means to speak in a professional manner at work.

SPEAK stands for:
Emotionally Mature,
Admirable, and the proper use of
Kinesics (body language)


Keep your communication clean and free of profanity, rudeness, and off-color jokes. Political, racial, and religious jokes should be avoided. Profanity is unprofessional and contributes to a negative culture. Slander, backbiting, and gossip also contribute to the breakdown of morale and organizational unity. Speak directly to people rather than behind their backs.

“Always respect the absent if you want to maintain the respect of those present.”
—Author unknown

To read more about leadership and communication, get the book CARE Leadership, available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Let your Speech be Admirable

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